Results from New York Freestyle and Greco States

Junior Greco Roman Results

100 Pounds: Ethan Livernash (Team Worldwide) over Andy Martinez (Beat the Streets)

106 Pounds: Golan Cohen (Titan Worldwide) inj def Kyle Kelly (Team Worldwide)

Third: Nicco Riccio (Journeymen)

113 Pounds: Josh Antoine (Beat the Streets) pin Lucas Malmberg (Finger Lakes Wrestling Club), 0-7, 0:51

Third: Allan McNeil (Titans NY)

120 Pounds: William Koll (Finger Lakes Wrestling Club) TF Cheick Ndiaye (Beat the Streets), 6-0, 7-0

Third: Santo Curatolo (Beat the Streets)

126 Pounds: Keanu Thompson (Beat the Streets) TF Oral Allen (Ascend), 7-1, 6-0

Third: Rocco Russo (NYSS)

132 Pounds: Jessy Williams (Team Worldwide) Fall James Ronca (Journeymen), 0-4, 6-0, 1:29

Third: Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer (Buffalo Grapplers)

138 Pounds: Tom Page (NYSS) dec Vincent Turano (Ascend) 2-0, 6-4

Third: Emin Aliyev (Beat the Streets)

145 Pounds: Matt Greene (Columbia) fall Justin Boone (Copiague), 0-1, 0:54

Third: Brendan Morgan (Journeymen)

152 Pounds: Tial Thang (MVWC) dec Leland Slawson (Team Worldwide), 0-3, 4-1, 1-0

Third: Barry Hart (Beat the Streets)

160 Pounds: Dylan Palacio (Ascend) pin Burke Paddock (Teamten) 0-1, 0:48

Third: Connor Sutton (Happy-Yo)

170 Pounds: Rrok Ndokaj (Beat the Streets) dec Sher Mohammad (Beat the Streets) 2-1, 5-2

Third: Ahmed Elsayed (Beat the Streets)

182 Pounds: McZiggy Richards (Beat the Streets) dec Jeffrey Day (Genesee Valley), 4-1, 1-1

Third: Christopher Loew (Ascend)

195 Pounds: Pat Nasoni (MVWC) pin Alex Moss (MVWC), 3-3, 1:33

Third: Angel Ortiz (Curtis)

220 Pounds: Soslan Gularov (Steplechase) dec Jonathan Babson (Happy-Yo) 4-0, 3-0

Third: Paul Okeke (Clarkstown South)

285 Pounds: Dante Salkey (Ascend) pin Terrence Cheeks (Newburgh WC), 1:18

Third: Jeff Urbina (Copiague)


Cadet Freestyle Results

88 Pounds: Joey DiPalma (Islip) TF David Ciciarelli (MVWC)

94 Pounds: Vincent Vespa (Eclipse) dec Sean Miller (Connetquot), 3-2, 8-6

Third: Tony Novotny (Connetquot)

100 Pounds: Chris Donnelly (Ascend) dec Josh LoGiudice (Journeymen), 3-0, 2-2, 6-0

Third: Dolan McColgan (Beat the Streets)

106 Pounds: Jose Rodriguez (Ascend) dec Nicholas Casella (VHW), 8-0, 2-5, 5-1

Third: Donny McCoy (Section Six Freestyle)

113 Pounds: Matthew Morris (ATWA) dec Johnny DiPalma (Islip) 7-1, 2-2

Third: Dominic Inzana (Journeymen)

120 Pounds: Freddie Dunau (Technical Edge) pin Ian Lupole (Team Worldwide), 7-1, 1:15

Third: Zack Barker (Titan)

126 Pounds: Thomas Reina (Ascend) dec Ryan Snow (MVWC), 1-0, 5-0

Third: Mike D’Angelo (Ascend)

132 Pounds: Samuel Ward (VHW) dec Jesse Porter (Journeymen), 1-0, 0-3, 1-0

Third: Sean O’Hagan (Sachem North)

138 Pounds: Thomas Dutton (Rocky Point) TF Jakob Restrepo (Sachem WC), 7-0, 8-1

Third: Brandon Aviles (Huntington)

145 Pounds: Nick Vines (Ascend) dec Nicholas Forget (Celler Dwellers), 4-1, 5-0

Third: Jordan Torbitt (Finger Lakes Wrestling Club)

152 Pounds: Mike Dusold (VHW) pin Louis Hernandez (Ascend), 4-11, 5-5, 0:54

Third: Konstantin Parfiryev (Beat the Streets)

160 Pounds: Angelo Kress (Journeymen) dec Gregory Kleinsmith (Team Worldwide), 5-1, 5-5

Third: Jerrett Norton (MVWC)

170 Pounds: Daniel Smith (MVWC) dec Jack Buell (MVWC), 2-0, 7-1

Third: Sam O’Malley (Smithtown)

182 Pounds: Ben Honis (MVWC) pin Steven Lee (Journey), 3-0, 0:32

Third: Nathanael Rose (Beat the Streets)

195 Pounds: Joe Nasoni (MVWC) TF Chris Tangora (NY Titans), 7-0, 10-3

Third: Nick Weber (Journey)

220 Pounds: Richard Sisti (Beat the Streets) over Matthew St. Onge (Clarkstown South)

285 Pounds: Peter Strassfield (Southhampton) pin Mason Cross (Titan), 1:15

Third: Mark Ifraimov (Beat the Streets)


Women’s Freestyle Results

97 Pounds: Kimberly Cardenas (Beat the Streets) over Eleni Sardina (Beat the Streets), 6-0, 5-0

Third: Estrella Velez (Beat the Streets)

105 Pounds: Lissette Ruiz (Beat the Streets) over Lisbeth Pena (Beat the Streets)

112 Pounds: Nyasa Bakker (Beat the Streets) over Kelsey Gray (Genesee Valley), 0-1, 5-1, 6-1

Third: Jennifer Juarez (Beat the Streets)

121 Pounds: Sara Andresen (Beat the Streets) over Sum Yuet Wu (Beat the Streets), 0-7, 0:28

Third: Sarah Tortorici (Beat the Streets)

125 Pounds: Kendra Kenyon (Genesee Valley) over Karen Koag (Beat the Streets), 6-0, 1:47

Third: Kass Rodriguez-Urbas (Beat the Streets)

130 Pounds: Amanda Jackson (Beat the Streets) over Natalie Kuang (Beat the Streets), 5-4, 3-3, 5-1

Third: Kimberly Abudullah (Beat the Streets)

139 Pounds: Alexis Porter (Journeymen) over Rosemary Flores (Beat the Streets), 3-0, 4-1

Third: Manenfy Tavarez (Beat the Streets)

149/159 Pounds: Mary Westman (Genesee Valley) over Lia Heintjes (Beat the Streets)

159/172 Pounds: Mary Westman (Genesee Valley) over Yuneris Diaz (Beat the Streets)

217 Pounds: Laura Zomchick (Beat the Streets)


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