'Anyone's Kryptonite, But Not Him': Scott Kropman's Battle With Cancer

On Friday November 30, an oncologist confirmed to Scott Kropman that he has Stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer.  So, what did he do next?

Scott Kropman

“He packed up his kids and went to a two-day tournament,” said G2 World Wrestling Academy co-owner Adam Burgos.  “He got the worst news of his life, but said, it’s time for wrestling – let’s go.  He’s amazing, absolutely amazing.”

Kropman watched the Penfield team at those duals, including undefeated performances from his sons Parker and Skylar.  They aren’t the only wrestlers in the family, as Cooper and Max are decorated youth grapplers.  In fact, the Kropman family of seven children, ranging from 14 months to a junior in high school, is heavily involved with the sport pretty much year round.  The love for wrestling is obvious.

The Kropman Children

“I would summarize Scott by saying he’s a passionate person,” Burgos said.  “He’s passionate about his wife and kids and the sport of wrestling.”

There’s very little doubt about that.  Despite his diagnosis, he has been in practice, running Friday beginner practices at the YMCA and coaching two days per week at G2, as well as traveling on the weekends with the kids.

“He’s superman,” Burgos said. “He has Stage 4 cancer but he’s at practice.  He’s determined and focused.  He doesn’t want to let anything stop him.  He’s taking it step by and step, talking about battling like it’s nothing.  The strength and resolve he has – it’s just incredible.”

Kropman didn’t have any signs or symptoms of cancer when he had a routine x-ray about a month ago, which revealed a spot on his shoulder and the need for additional tests, according to Burgos.  Those tests showed cancer in several places in his upper body, including his lung, liver and pancreas.

Last week he began his chemotherapy treatments and as those progress, he knows he isn’t alone in the fight.  He frequently says “Love Will Prevail” and he has received tremendous support from his family as well as the wrestling community.  And there are a number of ways for more people to get involved.

On December 21, there will be an event at the Irondequoit Bay Fish and Game Club in Irondequoit from 5-8 p.m., which will feature a fish fry, DJ and cash bar.  The cost is $25 and the goal is to raise money and awareness for the Kropman family in the fight against cancer.

In addition, ScottStrong bracelets (pictured) are for sale and other donations are being accepted. (See link at the end of the article).

To keep tabs on Scott Kropman’s progress, you can take a look at his Caring Bridge page, (link here) on which he has documented his journey and challenges.  What jumps out is that he is ready to face what lies ahead.

“You would think this would be anyone’s kryptonite, but not him. The odds are against him and he knows that, but he will fight,” Burgos said. “He has a lot to live for.  That’s his character – he believes he’ll get his hand raised at the end of the match.”

Indeed, he does.  In a recent entry in his Caring Bridge blog, he wrote, “They feel that I have had this cancer for years.  Being that it is stage 4, it is currently incurable, but those that know me know that I am very unique and plan on being the first.”


To help the Kropman Family, see the following link: Scott Kropman Donations.   For more information on the December 21 Fish Fry, contact adamburgos@g2wrestling.com.


4 thoughts on “'Anyone's Kryptonite, But Not Him': Scott Kropman's Battle With Cancer

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We as wrestlers know that there is match in life as well as on the mat.

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