Pick Your Champions Prediction Contests: Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone who entered our New York State Pick Your Champions Prediction Contests for last weekend’s state tournament.  We were very excited about the large number of people who participated both on the Division I and Division II sides.

The winners of both the large and small school contests correctly predicted 11 of the champions.

Josh Lear was the Division II winner and the Division I winner was from Long Island. iTunes cards will be awarded to both.


A few fun facts about the predictions.  Some champions were well anticipated by those that participated.  The titlewinners that received the highest percentage of the votes were:

Burke Paddock (160, DII) 81%

Corey Rasheed (152, DI) 78%

Nick Kelley (138, DI) 76%

In addition, Tyler Grimaldi (160, DI), Nick Tighe (138, DII) and Zack Zupan (182, DII) all received at least 65% of the vote.

Choi, Photo by BV

On the other hand, several champions were more of a surprise to the contest participants, as the following titlewinners received less than 8% of the votes:

In Division I, Dan Choi (195) and Richard Sisti (220).

In Division II: Kevin Thayer (152), Adis Radoncic (170) and Matt Abbott (285).

Congratulations to all of the New York state champions and thanks so much for playing!




2 thoughts on “Pick Your Champions Prediction Contests: Results Are In!

  1. Chernago had their champ(kelly) picked before the finals,, but Piccinni didnt agree with that and rained on their parade.

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