Kyle Dake Wins the Hodge Trophy as the Nation's Top Collegiate Wrestler


Dake, Photo by BV

Kyle Dake has won many awards and championships during his celebrated four-year career at Cornell.  Now, he has added another prestigious one to his resume.

On Friday, it was announced that the Big Red senior captured the 2013 Dan Hodge Trophy as the nation’s top collegiate wrestler.

Dake received 41 of the 43 first place votes, with Penn State’s Ed Ruth earning the other two.

The main considerations for the award are record, number of pins, dominance, quality of competition, previous credentials, sportsmanship/citizenship and heart.

The trophy is named in honor of Dan Hodge, a three-time NCAA champion, who was unbeaten during his college career at Oklahoma.

For more on Dake’s latest accolade, see here on the Cornell athletics page.

The following are the previous winners of the Hodge Trophy:

1995 – T.J. Jaworsky, North Carolina
1996 – Les Gutches, Oregon State
1997 – Kerry McCoy, Penn State
1998 – Mark Ironside, Iowa
1999 – Stephen Neal, Cal State-Bakersfield
2000 – Cael Sanderson, Iowa State
2001 – Cael Sanderson, Iowa State, and Nick Ackerman, Simpson College
2002 – Cael Sanderson, Iowa State
2003 – Eric Larkin, Arizona State
2004 – Emmett Willson, Montana State-Northern
2005 – Steve Mocco, Oklahoma State
2006 – Ben Askren, Missouri
2007 – Ben Askren, Missouri
2008 – Brent Metcalf, Iowa
2009 – Jake Herbert, Northwestern
2010 – Jayson Ness, Minnesota
2011 – Jordan Burroughs, Nebraska
2012 – David Taylor, Penn State


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