Nicholas Tighe





High School:

Phoenix High School, NY

Interested in Wrestling:



Per Request


Notable Wins:

Corey Dake – NY, Renaldo Rodriguez – NY

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HS Record: 204-27

Folkstyle Credentials:  2x New York State Champion (2011 & 2012)

Type of Wrestler: Non-stop Movement

Intellectual Interests: coming soon

GPA: Disclosed for coaches only

ACT: Disclosed for coaches only

SAT: Disclosed for coaches only



[/tab] [tab]

Height: ”

Current Weight: 126lbs

Projected College Weight: 125/133

College Visits Taken So Far: None

High School Career Pins: coming soon

High School Career Takedowns: coming soon

Clubs: none available

References: none available



Freestyle and Greco States

Fargo Junior Freestyle Nationals







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