Cliff Keen Invitational Updates – Las Vegas

The semifinal round of one of the nation’s top in-season tournaments, the Cliff Keen Invitational, begins on Saturday.  Here are the matchups for the remaining Cornell and Army wrestlers, as well as a few other New York natives.


125: Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) vs. Josh Martinez (Air Force)

141: Mike Nevinger (Cornell) vs. Hunter Stieber (Ohio State)

165: Kyle Dake (Cornell) vs.  Zach Toal (Missouri)

285: Pete Capone (Johnson City HS, Ohio State) vs. Chad Hanke (Oregon State)


Saturday Consolations:

141: Steven Keith (Shoreham Wading River, Harvard) vs. Travis Himmelman (Boise State)

149: Chris Villalonga (Cornell) vs. Tanner Hiatt (Northern Iowa)

Daniel Young (Army) vs. Derek Valenti (Virginia)

165: Paul Hancock (Army) vs. Holden Packard (Boise State)

174: Duke Pickett (Cornell) vs. Bryce Hammond (Cal State Bakersfield)

184: Craig Scott (Cornell) vs. Mason Bailey (Navy)

197: Jace Bennett (Cornell) vs. Matt Lenagh (Nebraska Kearney)

285: Stryker Lane (Cornell) vs. Evan Knutson (North Dakota State)




125: Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) dec Tyler Cox (Wyoming), 11-4

141: Mike Nevinger (Cornell) pin Tim Box (Cal State Bakersfield), 2:05

Tyler Graff (Wisconsin) dec Steven Keith (Shoreham Wading River, Harvard), 9-3

165: Kyle Dake (Cornell) major Holden Packard (Boise State), 12-1

174: Blake Stauffer (Arizona State) dec Duke Pickett (Cornell), 6-2

184: Ryan Loder (Northern Iowa) pin Craig Scott (Cornell), 2:35

197: Dustin Kilgore (Kent State) pin Jace Bennett (Cornell), 1:05

285: Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) dec Stryker Lane (Cornell), 5-2

Pete Capone (Johnson City HS, Ohio State) dec Levi Cooper (Arizona State), 4-3


Friday Night Consolations:

125: Brock Banta dec Billy Watterson (John Jay HS, Brown), 7-5

149: Daniel Young (Army) dec Kevin Tao (American), 5-3

Chris Villalonga (Cornell) over Joseph Garner (North Dakota State), 8-0

157: Adam Fierro (Cal State Bakersfield) dec Chris Dowdy (Cornell), 8-3

165: Paul Hancock (Army) dec Austin Wilson (Nebraska), 5-3

197: Jackson Hein (Wisconsin) dec Bryce Barnes (Army), 8-3


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