Burkert Takes Third at the NYAC Holiday Invitational; Results from Day 1

The NYAC Holiday International began on Friday, with action in Greco Roman and Women’s Freestyle.  Long Island native Jenna Burkert took third place at 63 kg.

The results from Day 1 are below.  Saturday will feature the Men’s Freestyle competition.  The brackets include wrestlers with New York ties such as Cornell graduates Frank Perrelli and Cam Simaz and current assistant coaches at Army (Enock Francois) and Hofstra (Dan Vallimont).  In addition, wrestlers who competed in high school on Long Island – Brandon Escobar and Steven Keith –  are listed.


GR – 55 KG
1st Place – Spenser Mango of Army (WCAP)
2nd Place – Seunghak Kim of Korea
3rd Place – Tsuyoshi Yoshida of Japan
4th Place – Nate Engel of Army (WCAP)

GR – 60 KG
1st Place – Joseph Betterman of Army (WCAP)
2nd Place – Hokil Kim of Korea
3rd Place – Hayanobu Shimizu of Japan
4th Place – German Diaz of Puerto Rico

GR – 66 KG
1st Place – Takeshi Izumi of Japan
2nd Place – Thrasher Porcher of USOEC
3rd Place – Marco Lara of Army (WCAP)
4th Place – Devin Scott of minnesota storm

GR – 74 KG
1st Place – Andrew Bisek of minnesota storm
2nd Place – Neulpuleunsan Jeon of Korea
3rd Place – Tanner Andrews of NYAC/USOEC
4th Place – Kangseok Oh of Korea

GR – 84 KG
1st Place – Ben Provisor of NYAC
2nd Place – Josef Rau of minnesota storm
3rd Place – Ryou Itou of Japan
4th Place – Mark Stenberg of NYAC/USOEC

GR – 96 KG
1st Place – Kevin Mejia Castillo of Honduras
2nd Place – Pete (Panagiotys) Gounaridis of Army (WCAP)
3rd Place – Davi Jose Albino of CBLA
4th Place – Ruslan Mukhamadiyarov of Russia

GR – 120 KG
1st Place – Robert Smith of NYAC/USOEC
2nd Place – Erik Nye of Army (WCAP)
3rd Place – Jarod Trice of Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
4th Place – Parker Betts of minnesota storm

WM FS – 48 KG
1st Place – Yuki Irie of Japan
2nd Place – Jasmine Mian of Canada Dinos
3rd Place – Victoria Anthony of Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
4th Place – Genevieve Morrison of Canada Dinos

WM FS – 51 KG
1st Place – Vanessa Brown of Canada Dinos
2nd Place – Jessica MacDonald of Brock WC
3rd Place – Arisa Tanaka of Japan
4th Place – Katherine Fulp-allen of NYAC/USOEC

WM FS – 55 KG
1st Place – Sarah Hildebrandt of King
2nd Place – Yuuki Ikegame of Japan
3rd Place – Samanta Stewart of Canada Black Bears
4th Place – Brianne Barry of Canada London-Western

WM FS – 59 KG
1st Place – Alli Ragan of NYAC/King College
2nd Place – Michelle Fazzari of Brock WC
3rd Place – Jazmyne Barker of Canada Dinos
4th Place – Joice Souza Da Silva of Brazil

WM FS – 63 KG
1st Place – Yurika Itou of Japan
2nd Place – Amanda Hendey of Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Jenna Burkert of NYAC/USOEC
4th Place – Dailane Gomes Dos Reis of Brazil

WM FS – 67 KG
1st Place – Dorothy Yeats of Canada QWA
2nd Place – Randi Miller of Army (WCAP)
3rd Place – Erin Clodgo of Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
4th Place – Jackie Cataline of Titan Mercury Wrestling Club

WM FS – 72 KG
1st Place – Hiroe Suzuki of Japan
2nd Place – Adeline Gray of NYAC/USOEC
3rd Place – Erica Wiebe of Canada Dinos
4th Place – Aline Da Silva Ferreira of Brazil
5th Place – Shana Prifte of Lindenwood Belleville


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